Cronus, a multi-head industrial 3D printer by Titan, unveiled at the CES

Cronus is a multi-gantry FFF 3D printer created by 3D printer manufacturer Titan Robotics that can be fitted with multiple tool heads. The Cronus is available in both open and closed versions and uses multi-head 3D printing technology from Autodesk and Netfabb.

During this year’s Consumer Electric Show(CES), 3D Printer manufacturer displayed its latest design, the Cronus. The machine, with exemplary features and multiple print heads, caught the attention of onlookers and makers at the international electronics event. This industrial large-format printer is being viewed with high expectations as stated by the Titan Robotics Founder and CEO Clay Guillory. This additive manufacturing technology is going to bring about changes in 3D printing and CNC manufacturing.

Though extra print heads can facilitate larger and faster printing, it could also lead to increased chances of misalignment and error. This 3D printer developed by Titan using the technology expertise from Autodesk and Netfabb aligns tool paths between multiple print heads that are working together on the Cronus, ensuring that the multiple nozzles are always working in a synchronized manner.

Andreas Bastian, Principal Research Scientist at Autodesk, was in the team to develop the technology for the Cronus said that it will be exciting to see how this 3D printer will develop molds and fixtures from advanced materials.

Features of the Cronus include:

• volume – 72″X x 30″Y x 20″Z (1829 x 762 x 508 mm), customisable)
• Technology- Project Escher technology from Autodesk
• Open-air machine for printing in PLA and PETG materials
• Prints using plastics withstanding high temperatures such as ABS, PC+PBT, HIPS etc.
• Extruder- Bulldog Extruders, by RepRapDiscount
• CNC machined steel frame,
• 16mm ball screws, profile linear rails
• Yaskawa closed-loop servo motors for high speed and accuracy
• various types of tool heads for subtractive and additive manufacturing
• 5 print heads for large format printing.

The Cronus will be available for orders from February 2017.

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