French 3D printing company Sculpteo launches the new Agile Metal technology suite

2017 has started well for the 3D printing world. Polaroid has announced its new range of 3D printers and 3D pens. HP announced the launch of its Sprout 2 3D printer and Sculpteo, a French 3D printing company has announced its new Agile Metal Technology. It is an online system that offers tools and equipment for 3D metal printing projects.
With this software suite, users can check errors in their 3D printed models, automate difficult processes, get the best procedures, and provide optimization for metal 3D printed parts. The company has announced that will be releasing different tools for its Agile Metal Technology throughout 2017.

The Agile Metal Technology suite consists of six tools that include the Business Case, Support Optimizer, Design Optimizer, Post-Processor, Lattice Generator, and Batch Controller. These tools are directed to make metal 3D printing more optimized than before. The new metal 3D printing service is being showcased this week at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.
Clement Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo said that metal 3D printing had given them the opportunity to develop complex metal objects with precision. However, metal additive manufacturing is a challenging process. And with complex additive manufacturing operations, it becomes difficult to commence the project smoothly. The existing software for the complex metal manufacturing processes is expensive and time-consuming.

The first tool of this software, the business tool is a self-learning AI tool which determines that the CAD files are ready for the metal manufacturing process. It also lays out the best material suggestions, time, and cost for the AM projects. The Design Optimizer analyses the part’s optimization for metal 3D printing and identifies the structural and design problems with the 3D model. Lattice Generator, provides different internal lattice structures of the 3D printed parts, to reduce weight and material costs.

Support Optimizer provides the support for the metal parts, and Post processor analyses the post processing features. The batch controller is the batch control tool for metal 3D printing.

As of now, only the Business case is available in the Agile Metal Technology suite.

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