Earnotz launches 3D printed earphones for the Kickstarter campaign

Earnotz is an American company specializing in making 3D printed earphones. It has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Earphones are often uncomfortable and keep falling off the ears due to the ill-fittings. The Earnotz website states that every music enthusiast faces problems w.r.t earphone fittings. Standard earphones are not comfortable and even the Earnotz tech director was facing problems with his earphone fit. The Earnotz team surveyed with music specialists, hearing aid specialists, audio engineers, and the 3D company so3D for about one and a half years. The startup aims to reach its goal of $295000 after which its product will be available in the market.

The customization of the earphones starts by taking the measurements of the ear. The user can measure the dimensions of the ear by placing a scale and the Earnotz app guides you to take a picture of the setup. These images are emailed/sent to the Earnotz team. They then work on converting the photos to 3D printed formats. The material used for 3D printing the earphones is biocompatible. The electronics are inserted into the shell whose specs match the 3D printed ear.

The 3D printed earbuds have high-quality sound from six tiny speakers and passive noise reduction. The device is fit with physiological sensors to measure the effort duration, distance, heart rate, and calories burned while exercising. It is also equipped with
impressive connectivity, and has a simple tap function to make or receive calls.

Users who pledge an amount over $263 will get a pair of Earnotz earphones. The earphone kit includes customized earphones, a USB cable, a charging case, foam and silicone tips, and two mobile applications Earnotz and Earfitz.

About $1,400 has been pledged of the $295,000 goal, but 27 days are still to go in the Kickstarter campaign. It is yet to be seen whether the startup reaches its goal.

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