T3D, a Taiwan startup launches a resin-based smartphone 3D printer

ONO 3D printer was in news last year as it was the world’s first smartphone 3D printer. It’s crowdfunding at the Kickstarter raised $2 million. Now, a Taiwan-based startup T3D has launched another smartphone 3D printer.

T3D’s mobile printer uses the same technology as the ONO. T3D uses resin based additive manufacturing technologies and a special app to turn any smartphone into a 3D printer. The users can choose the shape of the object using the app and patterns are generated on the phone’s screen using light technology. These are then exposed to a resin-dipped plate which solidifies one layer of the object. And like most light-based printers, the objects are made layer-by-layer as the resin is exposed to the light.

However, the smartphone 3D printing works at very slow speeds and even a small cube take 7 hours to print. Though the scale of printing is limited, it is reasonably good for a smartphone 3D printer which weighs only 22 ounces.

Dr. Sung, the founder of T3D is very excited at this new venture and says that this small device is power packed with speed and precision. This 3D printer is available for $299 and could be a revolution in the world of 3D printing. The company’s website has uploaded the pictures of certain objects 3D printed using the new device. These are all premium items like bunnies, chess pieces, octopus etc. This technology needs to be polished a bit more before it is available for sale in the market. The company has not yet announced the date of its market launch. T3D hopes to offers a wide range of 3D printed objects for sale. It proposes to launch 5800 different products at the time of the 3D printer’s launch.

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