Fuel 3D unveils two high performance 3D scanners at the CES 2017

Fuel 3D has launched two new 3D scanners at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 5-8, 2017. Fuel 3D is a US/UK based 3D scanner and innovation company. Fuel 3D 360 degrees and Fuel 3D Desktop scanners are two superior quality scanners that were noticed for their speed, performance, and versatility.

The Fuel3D 360 Scanner is a high-speed imaging and measurement system captures 3D data in just 0.3 seconds with excellent accuracy (to 0.2mm) and high-res, at 360-degree. The Fuel3D 360 Scanner captures both shape and color data and is perfect for scanning objects such as a human upper torso. The entire scanning rig can be set up and calibrated in less than an hour, enabling transportation to varied locations easy and convenient. CEO Stuart Mead said for the Fuel3D scanner that it can be used for capturing 3D data in areas as diverse as security, medical, virtual and augmented reality. The Fuel3D 360 Scanner will enable a wide range of sectors to increase 3D content generation in an affordable way.
Fuel3D 360 Scanner has added operations like CGI for gaming and live actors, VR characters and objects, custom eyewear fitting, biometric security systems, pre- and post-surgical/dental treatment analysis, and general facial measurement for retail services. A software development kit (SDK) is included with the scanning kit.

Fuel3D Desktop Scanner is a compact and portable device, ideal for scanning small objects with high-speed and precision. This desktop 3D scanner is capable of capturing extremely high-resolution 3D data (accurate to 0.045mm) in a matter of 0.14 seconds. It captures both shape and color data and is devised for smaller images (about the size of a human ear).

These high-performance scanning devices have opened incredible possibilities in desktop applications like the development of customized earbuds, monitoring of wounds, fingerprinting, quality assurance for components, and biometric security systems. These scanners will be commercially available from June 2017.

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