Cyprus-based company Ilios launches the Ilios Photon 2UV DLP 3D printer

Some time back, there was news of 3D printer and developer Ilios shutting down due to lack of funds and other issues. The founder of the company, Demetris Zavorotnitsienko, however, has announced that the company will stay afloat and work on its latest project, the Ilios Photon 2 UV DLP 3D printer.

The founder is developing the printer for him and will use it as a device with low maintenance and easy setup. He is not competing with other machines in the market. The focus is to develop a reliable and sturdy printer and his policy for the customers will be” you will get what you pay for”. The company will not lower the cost of the printer as the features will definitely be worth the price which is €3265.

The Ilios Photo2 UV DLP 3D printer incorporates several interesting features which were requested via customer feedback. Some of the features are an RF-ID Door Lock (as requested by educational institutions), variable resolution (as required by jewelers and dentists), UV protective surroundings, and a removable VAT.

Zavorotnitsienko also said that he has a “very good supplier” for UV-based DLP projectors, do not overheat, which do not require lamp replacements, and are compact enough for UV DLP tech. The projector is controlled by an automatically motorized system which controls variable resolution and moves the UV DLP projector up and down to change the resolution. The printer will run on the Linux operating system and HTML server, as used by previous Ilios products.

The printer can be pre-assembled and will be shipped in a single box. The developers are working towards improving the Photon 2 printer which is the fifth generation Ilios printer. Orders will be shipped within 3 days and customer support and updates will be regularly provided to the customers.

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