Adafruit launches a guide to construct DIY portable mini camera

Adafruit is an open source hardware company that has posted instructions for constructing one’s own mini spy camera. This camera has a low resolution and is portable, has an integrated driver and houses everything on a microSD card which holds up to 32 GB. The entire gadget is encased in a 3D printed cover. The camera can take time-lapsed videos and can be used in photo projects.

This is the time where new photo-imaging gadgets and technologies are flooding the market. Last month, UK designer launched a 3D printed camera rig that could be used by photographers with disabilities. As per some ongoing research, it is discovered that 3D printing technology could transform a smartphone camera into a lab research microscope. Adafruit’s new camera teaches users to build their own mini spy cameras. It has brought together the technology of 3D printing and photography. It also spreads the awareness that DIY projects can be commenced by beginners.

The mini camera has an integrated driver which is easy to use. The camera sensor captures 1280×960 photos and 480p videos which mean that the gadget is more than suitable for small photo-based projects.

All the required components to build the camera are a 100mAh lithium polymer battery, slide switch, an Adafruit Trinket, microSD memory card, Trinket Lipo Backpack, and a Mini Spy Camera Module which is sold by Adafruit for $12 USD. The construction tools required for the job are a 3D desktop printer, wire cutters, soldering iron, filament, hobby knife, 30AWG silicone cover wares, a small vise, and a Helping Third-Hand tool.
The image quality of the mini camera would not be as exceptional as the iPhone cameras since it uses a $12 camera module. But the camera is portable and just slightly bigger than the gopro camera and can be ideally positioned at secret locations. The settings of the camera are also automatic.

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