Jeremy Burnich devices a 3D printed Apple watch cover with an industrial feel

Jeremy Burnich has created a 3D printed Apple watch cover with finished copper. This watch has a quirky look and combines both high and low technologies. The Pittsburgh-based maker was inspired by the 19th-century engines, steam boilers, and turbines.

The steam punk watch cover is modelled over an old school boiler. The boiler converts the steam to corresponding motion that generates electricity to operate the watch. The digital crown and button are the control area of the watch and the base houses the steam fittings. The top end has electrical fittings and the left side has the connecting rod and gears. The entire case of the watch represents the boiler.

Burnich collaborated with i.materialise to 3D print the watch in copper. Copper gains a rustic look as it ages and also gives an industrial age feel to the watch. It can be polished to regain luster and hence it was the maker’s obvious choice. The band of the watch was in green leather, which was ordered online. The control hood is the maker’s favorite part of the watch.

The watch cover surface was treated after being 3D printed. Burnich lowered the case in a solution of hot water and sulfur. The cover turned a charcoal matte black. The oxidized surface needed some dermal work. After some amount of tinkering, the maker applied the renaissance wax to cover and protect the surface.

The watch is finally ready and the efforts have been worthwhile. The watch exudes an old world charm and still looks like a piece that has been well taken care of. The quirkiness of the watch is maintained and the maker’s passion for creativity and art is evident in this 3D printed piece. It is available at Burnich’s Etsy shop. All details about the making of the watch cover are available on the maker’s website.

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