Delta 3D printer by Tytan 3D can print chocolate, floor and more

Multi material 3D printer Delta 3D by Tytan3D

A Polish company named Tytan 3D has developed a new 3D printer named Delta 3D printer that does not involve any hardened plastic polymer. Unlike other companies that produce 3D printers which rely on Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) to melt plastic polymer as they extrude material from the nozzle head, the new printer works in an entirely different way. Neither does the printer does not use any hardening plastic polymer nor heat. Instead the machine extrudes a self hardening material which becomes solid when it dries up.

The new printer is capable of printing in a wide variety of materials such as:

  • Flour and salt mixture (when dried, gets extremely hard and is easy to paint)
  • Paper pulp (mixture of ground paper, flour and glue)
  • Food (preferably foods which can be extruded as a liquid and harden when dried, like chocolate)
  • Adhesives (like caulk)
  • Many other self hardening materials

The printer is set to have a large build envelope which has a printing diameter of 20 cm and a height of 35 cm. The printer is quite stable with a stone base and aluminum poles. The machine uses a simple cartridge system making the removal and the installation process quite easy. There is an automatic pause function in the printer because of which the machine pauses if the cartridge gets over in the middle of the printing process. The target audience for the machine is almost everyone from professionals to amateurs since the usage of the machine is quite simple.

The printer is still in the production process with a fully functional proto-type which was unveiled at Kielce, Poland. The price of the printer is yet to be disclosed.

Image Credit: Windell Oskay (flickr Handle: Oskay)

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