Paradigm 3D, the first 3D Printing Factory comes up in Dubai, UAE

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The brand name of D2M Solution is quite famous in the Middle Eastern countries as it has been the leader in shifting away the manufacturing industry from the traditional method by providing the manufacturers with the latest 3 dimensional production technology to many industries. Now, D2M Solutions’ FZE division is all set to open a 3D printing factory in the heart of UAE- Dubai named Paradigm 3D.

This new factory has been set up to help local production of proto-types and 3D printed parts for low volume production. The division will produce 3D parts on demand and the material used for 3D printing is quite vast. 3D printing in this store will provide very rapid production without the need of any expensive tools and thus saving time and money. The factory is equipped with a wide range of advanced Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) system of production from Stratasys. The main aim for establishing this store is to provide UAE and the surrounding regions with low volume and custom manufacturing.

Company spokesman Mr. Alex Papantoniou explained:“Presently if companies want to create new products they come across practical and financial problems related to getting short-runs or pre-production runs for new product development and form, fit and function testing – also to prove industry standards. If they have to start creating moulds and expensive tooling, projects can be delayed for years until the necessary funding is in place. However, by 3D printing low volumes it’s possible to kick-off the project cost effectively, and reach important milestones in product development, whereby either costly error can be modified based on the 3D physical models or approvals can be gained allowing product developers to move to mass production with confidence. However and perhaps not surprisingly as we are in Dubai, we have some discerning customers who are simply interested in manufacturing unique high-end and customized products, of which only one unit is required – and it is mainly for the UAE and Saudi market that we can now offer gold-plated parts.”

Image Credit: Chrstopher Michel (flickr Handle:cmichel67)

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