Dobot launches its newest robotic arm- The Dobot M1

Dobot is the Chinese 3D printing company that gave us the Arduino 3D printed arm. It has come with Dobot M1 a desktop arm that can perform multiple functions including 3D printing. The Dobot M1 has been launched at the Kickstarter campaign and has gained $170,000 crossing their goal of $100,000. They still have 40 days to go, and with this pace, they might launch their product in the market quite soon.

Dobot has developed several robots of educational use, such as the Dobot Magician and the Dobot Arm v1.0. With the Dobot M1, the company will foray into the marketplace of producing a robot for light manufacturing.

The company’s Kickstarter page says that Dobot M1 is made to contradict the fact that industrial robotic arms are very pricey. The robot has features like a 0.02mm precision, 1.5kg workload, a velocity of 200 degrees per second, and 400mm maximum reach. Dobot M1 is perfect for professional workspace, and the price is also under $2000.

Though the price has been increased from $999 to $ 1399, the price is expected to rise further as the demand escalates. The base package of the robot contains two tool heads, a laser engraver, a 4th axis attachment, a choice of a printer head, a gripper hand or a suction cup. Additional tool heads require an extra $80 each. The more advanced tools include a soldering kit, a $200 3D mouse, a rail attachment, and a $600 visual kit. At $6,099, the user can avail the full mobility platform.
The Dobot M1’s desktop 3D printing capabilities are a delight for 3D printing enthusiasts as the features are quite versatile. This robot comes with a 400mm radius and a 250mm height printing area which can be further extended with a 1m long trail. The robot can also be used in the learning mode, till the user masters the working of the Dobot M1.

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