Vive studios, by HTC, all set to surpass rival Oculus Studios

HTC, makers of HTC Vive VR viewer launched their new product at the VRX 2016 Expo in San Francisco recently. It introduced the Vive Studios, a publishing studio for virtual reality content. This studio will not only release virtual reality games by HTC, also showcase the work of third party VR developers.

Arcade Saga, the first VR game by Vive Studios, is developed by 2 Bears. With 84 levels and various arcade-inspired games, Arcade Sage is truly impressive. Vive Studios has numerous other games and VR content in line to publish in the next few weeks.

Gaming, education, social, sports, design, cinema, and real estate, Vive Studios aims to generate content and proliferate VR content in all these fields. The upcoming VR platforms are directed towards creating VR solutions for location-based entertainment centers.

HTC went on to say that Vive Studios will create VR content using a publishing model which is in the lines of console games. It will partner with external developers while supporting, funding, and marketing them. Hence, VR will not just partner with external sources it will help and guide them in developing the VR content.

Oculus studio is another VR developer studio that releases VR games and other experiences for the Oculus Rift VR Headset. Vive plans seem to be more ambitious than Oculus and its content will not be tied just to HTC Vive. As Breton said that they do not want the VR content to have restricted access, it should reach a wider audience. This move will help in expanding VR technologies, by making it accessible to more and more people. The release of newer VR content platforms will benefit an array of sectors like the social, healthcare, cinema, entertainment, retail, media, sports, construction, and many other fields.

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