Dubai- The Biggest Hub For 3D Technology

There is no denying the fact that all the countries of the world have adapted 3d printing as a prime mojo of transformation in the printing industry. Dubai is also among those prosperous countries that are boosting 3d printing too much. Unsurprisingly, UAE is the first country that has created world’s first 3d printed office building. Other than that, 3d printing strategy will further integrate this industry in various other niches including construction, consumer products, and medical products.

Recently, it has been reported that DEWA- Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has tagged up with Conyrgnt Value Engineering for designing and constructing the first ever building that is completely 3d printed onsite. It will also be the first ever 3d printed laboratory. The growth of 3d printing in Dubai will keep touching more heights and get brilliant exposure after this successful creation.

The laboratory will be a part of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park Research and Development Centre. This laboratory will be created to conduct further research in the niche and to bring more successful projects like this in Dubai.

The prospects of 3d printing completely depend on this project. If this one happens to be a successful project then we can expect some great creations like 3d printed houses or even 3d printed streets in coming future.

It has been reported by Conyrgnt’s Vibin Paul that the laboratory is said to be built at R&D centers with the help of robotic arms. It is completely understandable that this project is likely to encounter different problems, especially in an open environment since the laboratory is said to be constructed in the desert area. Therefore, all the problem creating aspects will be closely monitored and considered before the final printing process commences.


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