Eddie- A Cute 3D Printed Robot Created By Paul Braddock

3D printed has been used repeatedly to create toy products. But unfortunately, many makers have end up creating a disappointing product. There are various reasons that are conscientious for the failure of the creation of the end product. However, it is for sure that if the post-print processing and paint job is done carefully, 3d printing can help in creating unparallel products. Same has been done by a visual artist known as Paul Braddock with his extremely amazing creation of a steampunk robot called Eddie.

Eddie has been created with a lot of efforts that were put in conscious planning and detailed airbrushing. This toy has got movable limbs.

It’s been 15 years since Paul has been employed as a VFX artist. He has mastered in the field of conceptual sculpting and digital designs. Mechanical products have always been his thing, be it the old automobiles or the robotics. Now, since 3d printing has been transforming the world, it was a great idea for him to adopt the technology. He says that it was really exciting to transform pixel based art into a physical object. He further said that 3d printing has multiple uses in the VFX industry. This is what helped him in creating Eddie that turned out to be such a rewarding robot machine.

Paul printed the robot on his FSL3D Pegasus touch SLA 3d printer. Therefore, the high quality of the product is ensured. Paul like his printer due to its reliability and high build volume features.
It is great that Paul created the complete robot machine by himself at his house. He has also created some of the other brilliant pieces that can be explored at his official website. With his successful collection of 3d printed products, Paul has become an expert on finishing 3d printed aesthetics. He has also been sharing his tutorials to help the inspiring artists to create their personal collection of 3d printed products.

Source: 3ders.org

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