think3D Alluminium

AlSi10Mg is a typical casting alloy with good casting properties and is typically used for cast parts with thin walls and complex geometry.

Material Composition

Al (balance) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Si (9.0 – 11.0 wt-%)
Fe (<= 0.55 wt-%) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Cu (<= 0.05 wt-%)
Mn (<= 0.45 wt-%) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Mg (0.2 - 0.45 wt-%)

Ni (<= 0.05 wt-%) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Zn (<= 0.10 wt-%)
Pb (<= 0.05 wt-%) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sn (<=. 0.05 wt-%)
Ti (<= 0.15 wt-%)

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