EOS Stainless Steel 316L

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Physical Properties

This material has excellent corrosion resistance, high ductility, post-processing possible.
ParameterAs Built (typical)
Tensile Strength
XY: 640 ± 50 MPa; Z: 540 ± 55 MPa
Yield Strength

XY: 530 ± 60 MPa; Z: 470 ± 90 MPa
Elongation at Break
XY: (40 ± 15) %; Z: (50 ± 20) %
Modulus of elasticity
XY: 185 GPa; Z: 180 GPa
Hardness89 HRB

Other Properties

Densitymin. 7.9 g/cm3

Relative DensityApprox. 100%

3D Printing Details


Possible Post Processing
Machined, shot-peened and polished in as-built or stress relieved if required. Parts are not ideal in temperature range 427°C - 816°C where precipitation of chromium carbides occurs
20-50 Microns(for small parts)

Min Wall Thickness
0.3-0.4 mm
Min Layer Resolution
20 Microns
Volume Rate 2 mm³/s

Surface Roughness

Ra: 13 ±5 Microns ; Rz: 80 ±20 Microns


This material is ideal for applications like
  1. Watch and jewellery making
  2. Automotive
  3. Aerospace
  4. Food and chemical plants

Design Guidelines

Min Wall Thickness0.3-0.4 mm
Min Layer Resolution20 Microns
Min Detail Size0.8 mm
Min Hole Diameter0.8 mm
Min Text Size 2.5 mm
Max Part Dimension300 mm



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