EOS Stainless Steel 316L is a corrosion resistant iron based alloy.

This kind of stainless steel is characterized having a good corrosion resistance and evidence that there are no leachable substances in cytotoxic concentrations.

Material Composition

Fe (balance) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Cr (17.00 -19.00 wt %-)
Ni (13.00-15.00 wt %-) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Mo (2.25- 3.00 wt %-)
C (<= 0.030wt %-) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Mn (<= 2.00wt %-)
Cu (<= 0.50 wt %-) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp P (<=0.025 wt %-)
S (<=0.010 wt %-) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Si (<=0.75 wt %-)
N (<=0.10 wt %-)

[TABS_R id=13002]

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