Ex of In is a beautiful house with 3D printed fittings

Ex of In House is a stunning piece of architecture designed by Steven Holl. This is an eco-friendly guest house built on Holl’s property in Rhinebeck, New York and has numerous 3D printed fixtures and the interior is sophisticated and upscale. It is made of different kinds of wood, has unique window designs, and lovely 3D printed light fittings.

Spread over 918 feet this house belongs to Holl, the founder of Steven Holl Architects. This is a recognized New York-based architecture firm, which has focused on green architecture and has combined sustainability with groundbreaking design. The Ex of In, is a small yet apt example of the architect’s forward thinking philosophy.

The guest house is completely powered by geothermal and thermal energy. Encased with a thin film of photovoltaic cells, which are connected to a battery energy storage system, the Ex of In House is fully equipped. The materials used to build the house, like wood and glass, were locally resourced. The 3D printed objects were made from a cornstarch-based bioplastic. These fixtures were additively manufactured on Holl’s in-office 3D printer.

This work is a part of Steven Holl’s ‘In’ research project. The architect wanted to preserve the natural beauty of the land where the guest House has been constructed. Therefore the house is built spaciously in a compact space and can easily house five people and has an essence of its natural habitat.

The Holl’s website describes the house in length stating that they built a single house of 918 feet instead of a luxurious mansion. It is a compressed form of a sprawling villa with three intersecting spherical voids. It looks like one huge room with different levels and a kitchen in the center.

Source: 3ders.org

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