Fleximatter comes up with high-speed color blending 3D printing techniques

3D printing has established itself as a pioneering technology that can create customized objects at high speeds. It is also foraying into industrial manufacturing of products and going commercial the big way. But what is it that is holding back this technology from widespread use? Cost, material, and speed are some of the limitations that still remain insurmountable.

Fleximatter is an Israeli startup which is working on a secretive 3D printing technology based on the FDM principles. The Fleximatter 3D printer has a build platform of 800 x 800 x 900mm and is capable of 3D printing objects at unmatched speeds. They are selling 3D printed products, like vases, stools, wine racks, in the markets in Israel. This start-up is still in the process of getting its high-speed technology with quick extrusion and 0.1mm accuracy, patented. Recently a 3D printed chair having 7kg of plastic was made in just six hours. What’s more, this 3D printer is compatible with a wide range of functional materials and enables the incredible color-blending in objects. Stools that can hold large amounts of a person’s weight, can be easily 3D printed by Feximatter.

The high-speed is a great advantage as it can help in curtailing costs. And hence the manufacturers can compete with the conventional manufacturing solutions. The company’s vision of creating a 3D printing system that is ready for production of real products and not just models is finally becoming true. It’s their mission to bring 3D printing’s level of flexibility to every designer and who can use the customization options at a reasonable price.

Fleximatter was developed by the financial backing received from the Israeli government in 2015. They are working on a two-fold commercial effort: to provide 3D printing services and to market 3D printers.

Source: 3ders.org

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