3D Hubs acquires Printivate for optimizing its 3D checking technology

Printivate is a service company dedicated to the repair and optimization of 3D models. 3D Hubs will acquire this service for better 3D print predictability and 3D file handling. It will also strengthen 3D Hub’s hold in the 3D printing world. Andrian Muresan, the CEO of Printivate will take up the role of the R&D head at the Amsterdam office of 3D Hubs.

3D Hubs has grown manifold since its commencement in 2013. It allows its clients to 3D print their files through local service providers in a systematic way. While offering these 3D printing services, there should be simultaneous repair, monitoring, and optimization of the 3D models. This is where the role of Printivate comes into play. It will provide the requisite tools for the 3D models in an easy and convenient manner.

With the aid of Printivate’s analysis tools, 3D Hubs can now simplify and automate the 3D printing processes. It will make the technology accessible to the masses as it will lead to faster turnaround times, lower chances of failure, lesser management, and better quality prints.

This move will enable the company to maintain its reputation as a quality 3D printing service provider. Using Printivate’s 3D model analysis tools, 3D Hubs will be able to effectively manage order flows, quicken up handling and turnaround times for 3D prints, and lower the costs.

The usage of the new tools will also make it easier for the client to assess the success of the 3D print, which will result in lesser failed prints. Bram de Zwart, CEO of 3D Hubs, said that the goal of the acquisition is to build an efficient 3D print solution for design and manufacturing of products. 3D Hubs has printing service partners in over 160 countries worldwide, and it aims to launch Printivate’s technology into its platform by the year end.

Source: 3ders.org

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