Are you a Cricket buff? Can you predict the results better than others? Then, you are at the right page.
Here’s a memorable way to cherish this world cup..Win a world cup miniature replica* by answering simple questions.

What’s this about?
Guess the answers for simple questions and get a chance to win a beautiful 3D Printed World Cup replica*, created exclusively for you.
Contest will be run for all the matches played by India at the league level, all quarter-final, semi-final and final matches.

What’s the size of the cricket world cup replica*?
As the tournament moves to the next level, the size of the 3D printed cup increases.
League winners – 2 inch height world cup
Quarter final winners – 3 inch height world cup
Semifinals winners – 6 inch height world cup
Finals winner will get a 10 inch height world cup

Super..I’m excited…how can I play?
Answer the simple questions asked on the day of the match by posting your comments in Facebook below the corresponding posts

Sounds simple! Any more rules?
Not much…Only a couple of them
You can change your answer only once.
You can post your answer only before the final over of the match

How do you decide the winner then?
Lucky draw among the winning entries…We’ll ping the lucky ones for shipping address and ship the world-cup miniature within 2 days of the result announcement.

*This is a fun contest and no where related to the official version of the ICC world cup. The Cup is made of plastic and will obviously differ from the official cup in size, material,details and might just have a resemblance with the official Cup.

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