KAYRYS, A 3D Printed Drone to Aid Medical Emergencies

KAYRYS is a 3D printed drone designed to be available for medical emergencies. SLIDX is a new technology-based start-up in Montreal that has designed this advanced Gyro-X8 KAYRYS. Drones have been used for purposes of delivering pizzas to clearing land mines. They key function of a drone is not just speedy means of transportation. It is a device that is being extensively being used to travel and deliver/navigate and assist in areas where human reach is difficult.

3D printing can be used to make customizable lightweight and speedy drones. 3D printing is primarily being incorporated into the realm of design enthusiasts and art lovers who make customized unmanned vehicles for passion. It is also made for disaster recovery sector, weather forecast, and military services. These drones can be efficiently used for transporting medical supplies to disaster-prone locations which might be out of human reach. These drones can transport supplies and the victims can communicate to the professionals.

The KAYRYS was partly built using prototyping technology. SlidX partnered with Lézar3d, also headquartered in Montreal, to build the drone. About 150 pieces of the front part were 3D printed in less than 20 days. Four different 3D printers were used to create 60% of the drone. The team printing the drone took some crucial factors into consideration. Sustainability was their biggest concern as these vehicles have to travel in difficult situations and unexplored terrains. Further, they did not want to add too much carbon content, therefore they 3D printed the parts using PLA and made the device totally electric.

This vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL) drone is printed to undertake missions in helping people struck in disaster, quickly and skillfully. The drone currently has a maximum load of 12g and can sustain battery life for one hour. It has been ergonomically and aerodynamically designed to fly into difficult areas and over high altitudes.

Source: 3dprint.com

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