Kitronik offers its latest product –The 3D printed lamp to newbies of 3D printing

Kitronik is a 3D printing manufacturing company that specializes in making “build-your-own-electronic-kits”. It has worked with more than 3000 schools in the UK. It works for all kinds of segments while concentrating more on educators and students.

Their DIY electronic kits as accompanied by a step-by-step guide which teaches the students how to build them. The company website provides intrinsic information regarding the kits, tutorials, and 3D printing information to the teachers, students and others who are interested in the technology.

Some of their 3D printed tools and kits include the 3D printable FM radio kit, a 3D printed USB stick cover, and a 3D printable amplifier and case. The latest project of Kitronik is an interesting design. The 3D Printed Desktop 5V LED Lamp Resource is designed by Sean Drummond, a product design student at Nottingham Trent University.

The lamp was designed as a part of the Kitronik’s 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit. It’s a simple sleek design printed in three parts: the interior, exterior, and the battery cover. It carries a futuristic look that kids and adults will adore. This lamp is the perfect starter project for beginners of 3D printing and CAD software.
This lamp fuses together electronics and 3D printing together. This useful household item is a great way of teaching students the art of 3D printing. The same designing principles could be applied to make cases for other electronic gadgets.

The lamp, after being designed on Autodesk, was printed in the Robok 3D printer. Kitronik collaborated with Robok to provide 3D printers to UK schools, last year. Their latest lamp design should comply with standard desktop printers. The company sells Robox printers on their website.The design for the lamp can be downloaded online for free.


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