Stratasys and Schneider To Unite For Better Business Prospects

It is great that Stratasys 3D printing equipments have been introduced in the manufacturing processes at Schneider Electric. It is basically a French multinational company that has specialized in the fields of energy management, automation management, and electricity distribution. The Company is now positive that they will be able to achieve their future goals.

People that are associated in same line business might predict or foresee different future prospects for the company but an introduction of additive manufacturing is going to bring a drastic change. We might see digital fabrication becoming an integral part in the coming years.

Schneider Electric has considered using the combination of Stratasys PolyJet and FDM-based 3d printing solutions for the development of their products, industrialization, and prototyping. All these functions will be managed by Openlab which is an internal model shop of the company.

Schneider has been using Stratasys 3D printing equipments for a long time at their Grenoble premises. These printers were primarily used to create prototypes. This year is expected to be lot busier due to the major products launches expected.

It has also been reported that the use of 3d printers has brought enough benefit to the company. They have been able to save money and time. Given the massive success of this technology, it is likely to be used in future as well.

Schneider said that there will be more than 400 new solutions that will be launched by us this year. If you calculate, the promised launches are more than total numbers of days in a year. Therefore, the efficiency and versatility will be closely considered.

There has also been a considerable fall in the costing of the products as an injection mold inserts that are used for prototypes when created with a 3d printer using the traditional method will cut the cost from 1000 euros to 100 euros. Also, as we mentioned earlier, the production time has also improved as the product that used to get ready in 2 months time now takes only a week to get fully prepared. All thanks to the Stratasys 3D printing equipments.
This printer has been rocking the market overseas and we really hope to see it do great business in the Indian market as well.

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