Lix, smallest 3D printing pen lets you draw in air

If you’ve ever wanted to see your notebook doodles and 3-D designs to come to life, you might be in luck.

Meet Lix, “the smallest pen that does not require paper.” The 3-D printing pen, created by a London-based company, allows you to doodle mid-air as plastic filament melts and hardens into a freestanding shape.

Though Lix is not the first 3-D pen to hit the market, it comes with several enhancements. Last year, a 3-D pen called 3Doodler which also uses acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (or ABS) plastic that melts and solidifies instantly while writing, first appeared on Kickstarter, and made waves. But it was seen more as a cool toy than a serious design instrument due to the lack of precision.

On the other hand, Lix is smaller weighing just over an ounce, and easy to use. Within a minute of plugging it via USB port, it gets warmed up and ready for doodling.

Apart from the design field, 3D writing is expected to have a myriad of applications going forward. Like 3Doodler, Lix is being funded through Kickstarter, and with several weeks to go, it’s already been funded several times over its initial budget.

You can also have a look at Creoopop , another 3D doodling pen, which uses a completely different technology.

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