Mack the DogBot is 3D Printed by Robo Challenge of UK

Re Core is one of the recent video games launched by Microsoft. Robo Challenge is a Birmingham based company in the UK. It has designed and built the 3D printed working Mack the DogBot. Mack the DogBot is one of the robot friends of engineer Joule Adam in the video game series. Adam is the sole survivor in the colony of Far Eden. Together they set out to discover the whereabouts of the other colonists in the distant world.

Robo challenge has created a functional version of Re core character Mack the DogBot. There was elaborate work required for developing the robot. The robot was 3D printed and the parts were assembled. The electronic motors were programmed and the robot was well-tested before the final launching.

The original CAD files were used by the Robo Challenge team to develop the robot. The files contained the robot’s external and internal parts. The internal components consisted of gears, motors, and all electronic parts. The outer body of the robot consisted of many panels. The parts were 3D printed. After the printing process was complete, the parts were filled and sanded. The parts were hand painted to resemble the video game character.

The robots needed sixteen motors, all of which were 3D printed. The entire 3D printing process of the robot took 1000 hours. These parts were then programmed to move like the robot. The parts were assembled and final touches were added. The blue lights and sound effects were added at the end.

Grant Cooper, the creative engineer at Robo Challenge stated that it was a pleasure to see the robot move. The head, body, and legs can move and it can also wag its tail. The adventure video game has attracted great enthusiasm from all corners. It’s 3D printed Mack the DogBot is also expected to be a great hit among the Re Core fans.


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