MatterHackers introduces its 1.6 version of Mattercontrol software

MatterHackers is one of the pioneer 3D printing suppliers in the US. It has a reputation for perfection and its open-source MatterControl software. This software is used by novices to experts. The software has features like drag and drop, queueing, plug and print, email notifications and many more options. These features make the software user-friendly and convenient.

MatterHackers has come up with its latest version of MatterControl software. The Version 1.6 has a new Print Recovery option with expanded setting controls and more. Lars Brubaker, the CEO of MatterHackers said that the new 1.6 version of print recovery is great as users can retrieve superior quality prints in spite of power failures, updates, disconnections and other hurdles.

The Print recovery feature is equipped with an advanced tracking system that continuously monitors the working of the 3D printer. Therefore, the system easily resumes after problems like power loss, systems updates, and connectivity issues. The version also has an overall new improved user interface. The settings management have been upgraded and the slicing editor has been improved. All the parameters can be shifted to the previous setting at any point of time and users can choose their new settings.

There is also a new cloud printer profile feature where users can access existing settings from anywhere around the globe. All alterations are directly synced to the cloud. The users can access their previously stored work at any point of time. Remote access features like emails and text alerts are included in the new version.

Kevin Pope the COO and co-founder of MatterHackers said that this version was the most refined version of the MatterControl software. It will make 3D printing more accessible by users. This 1.6 version has a faster MatterSlice slicing engine which has an improved support detection, seam hiding, easier support removal, wizards to guide printer setup, calibration, and online account creation, and features to create and share custom profiles. It can also be downloaded free for windows, Mac, and Linux.


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