Michigan University Student Created A 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand

With the help of 3d printing, a student named Austin Brittain from Breckenridge has created a Captain America inspired prosthetic hand for a young boy.

Austin is a 3D creation student at Central Michigan University and he likes working with cutting edge technology. He is also a mechanical engineering and technology student. After knowing the 3D printing can help in creating a prosthetic hand, he was not able to keep himself away from the technology. His sheer interest towards the 3d technology resulted into this amazing creation by him today.

Michael Bell is the name of the kid who received the hand. He is an 8 years old kid with Moebius Syndrome due to which he had a missing hand. It was observed by his teacher Sarah Volker that the boy has to face a huge deal of trouble to do his routine tasks.

I the urge to help Bell with his arm, the idea was discussed with Volker’s husband who is the art and design faculty member at the Michigan University. Later through the pipeline, the idea was exposed to Brittian.

Brittian spends hours in creating the hand at the university’s MakerBot Innovation Center. A lot of help was taken from E-nable in order to get the prosthetic hands. The hand has been created very carefully. The gauntlet holds on the wrist and the palm and the fingers flexes when Bell flexes his wrist. The prosthetic hand is inspired by Bell’s favorite superhero Captain America.

It’s a good thing that he is happy with his newly found superhero hand since he hasn’t ever felt that way before, said Brittian
The material used in the creation of the hand didn’t cost them more than $10 and the whole hand cost them less than $100. It is a huge achievement and a great success story to be added in the book of Michigan University.

Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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