3D Printing To Help Michigan Police In Solving A Murder Case

Additive Manufacturing is a thriving concept these days as every day welcomes an intriguing new development in this niche. Lately, we came to know that Michigan PD has 3d printed the fingers of a person who has been murdered. The task was done in order to unlock the mobile phone as it is the major part of the investigation.

Mr. Jain is the consulted person by Michigan Police Department and he is a professor at Michigan State University with the specialization in pattern recognition and biometrics. Fingerprint technology is also one of the prime subjects of his concern.

The Fingerprint Scanner

The agenda of Michigan PD was to seek help from Mr. Jain in creating a 3d printed copy of victim’s fingers. Once the telephone is unlocked, more information can be collected about the crime happened.

The report says that police has got 3d printed copies of all 10 fingers of the victim. It is being suspected that the index finger and the thumb have been used by the victim to lock the phone.

The potential of 3d technology has never been underrated. But creating a structure and implementing things are very different. It is really fortunate that 3d print technology is contributing so much in the current world to get things done so swiftly and conveniently.

It is a morbid situation but the good news in this situation is that now, 3d printing is also inserting itself in a new vertical where fingerprints can be scanned easily.

How 3D Technology Helped?

It has been assimilated that the victim who got killed had a criminal background. Therefore, the police had his fingerprints with them before his death. The scanned prints were sent to Mr. Jain for the further processing. The standard 3d method was tried initially to get the work done. When it wasn’t successful enough, the team then encased the additively manufactured fingers in a layer of metallic particles. In this way, the replica fingerprints were created that solved the purpose.

After this huge experiment, Mr. Jain is now working on the technology to refine the technology and create better outputs.

Source: 3dprinting.com

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