Technology to Replace Unskilled Workers in Future

Robots at times deprive people of employment opportunities and leave them without work. But, in some cases, replacing machines with human labor is beneficial as the work might to causing harm to the human’s health.

In other cases, robots replace humans for jobs that people are not competent in performing or relieve them from monotonous jobs so that they can be free to perform better tasks.

The Bangkok Post recently examined that technology changes too, can leave people unemployed. If the technology changes are not embraced by people and they do not adapt to the change, they might be at a risk of unemployment. It is important to be geared and well-versed for the technology advances that happen so rapidly.

Sir Ken Robinson further said that there is a need to prepare the children for the unexpected changes in technology that might be up coming in future. The schools should adapt methods to train children so that they are prepared to take on the technological advances that are taking place very speedily. If they are taught obsolete methods in school, they will be unable to cope up with the changes and therefore, be at a risk of unemployment.

As per the research conducted by the Quality Learning Foundation, Dhurakij Pundit University, and the World Bank, shifts in technology will leave about a third of the people unemployed.

It is vital to learn adapt and think creatively. In the absence of these features, the future workforce will not know how to adapt to the changing market scenario.

While countries like Thailand are embracing these new methods, the United States still prefers skills-based education in comparison to creative thinking. We have yet to see that as the world undergoes a new industrial revolution, whether the workers in the US will be able to adapt to new technologies, or if they will simply be taken over by them.



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