Endurance Launches it’s 3D Printed BB-8 Selfiebot

Endurance has recently launched the BB-8 Selfiebot which is a 3D educational robot from Endurance that has been released to provide an educational program for schools worldwide. They are working with six different US colleges and some international schools and have plans to expand further.

Endurance teaches students of Computer Science, Technology Engineering, Science, Mathematics (CS-STEM) which enables students to learn the art of making the DIY SelfieBot. The company, Endurance, shares its knowledge and experience and encourages students to learn the art of DIY robotics.

Selfiebot is an educational robot that works as a movable cell phone or tablet holder. It can be controlled by a remote and can track the user while video chatting or live streaming. It is a compatible robot that can be used with other robots and can be 3D printed as per customized needs.

This open-source Arduino-based DIY robot is easy to build and has many real-life applications. It costs $95 for 1 basic KIT.

The DIY Selfiebot from Endurance is a kit designed to educate high school and college students to learn the art of robotics and master it so as to be competent to devise robots and make their own DIY robotic projects.
This will further help in the field of robotics development and education.

Areas in school that will benefit from this project are software and hardware, design and mechanical related subjects.

There are numerous other 3D printed robotic kits in the market this kit from Endurance is different in more ways than one. It is low-cost and easy to use and understand. It is extremely engaging and fun to use, making the project very exciting for students.

Endurance provides assistance and support to the learners via email, skype, Whatsapp, and many other applications.

Source: 3dprintindustry.com

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