RoVa4D, a Full-Color 3D Printer on Kickstarter

The RoVa4D is a full-color 3D printer which has been launched on Kickstarter. It has achieved its goal in just a few days. RoVa4D comes with five different filaments that feed into one printer head and blends cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white filaments. This gives the user a complete control over the numerous colors in a single print and helps in getting over the task of printing individual parts and assembling them later.

In this printer, the filament is inserted into an integrated bin, much like a 2D color inkjet printer. The printer also features a mixing unit to combine the melted filaments for a specific color with a head that can produce heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. An advanced liquid cooling system has been added to keep the mechanism from heating too much.

The RoVa4D comes with three hot ends, one that can print in any color or shade, the second is for flexible materials and the third for supporting soluble material.
This printer can blend all the CMYK colors and different types of PLA to create a particular tensile strength or flex.The printer should also be able to do straight separations or create gradients.

The RoVa4D also comes with a choice of filament packs and there is an early bird offer by the company. You can order your printer for $4,500 Canadian dollars, or $6,500 for one of the early beta units, you can specify the type of filaments type amongst the carbon fiber, transparent, and metal filled filaments.

This filament is made of metal-infused plastics that are removed during the 3D printing process and in post processing, leaving behind metallic or carbon fiber products.

The RoVa4D from ORD Solution is the company’s sixth-generation 3D printer and it has been met with a tremendous response.


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