Micro Molding Machines are a Big Win for Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding is the process deployed for mass manufacturing of end use plastic products. But due to the complexity of selecting the right tool mold bases and having to machine them to the right size and then making the mold inserts of the right shape is a challenging and time consuming task which directly translates to increased cost. Here comes the micro molding machines to address the issues of increased complexity and cost. Let’s look more closely at the advantages of micro molding.

Why Are Parts Getting Smaller?

One of the main innovation aspects is increasing functionality within same space or retaining the functionality in a much smaller space. This is the main motivation for making the parts as small as possible and drive innovation around the size. These include medical devices, microfluidic pumps and applicators, sensor housings and other cutting-edge solutions that combine electronics and traditional mechanics on a small scale. This trend is most likely to continue to widespread adoption of drones, wearable devices and other mobile and IOT products. Smaller injection molding machines are perfectly suited for parts in centimeter to millimeter scale. This will be a great help to customers and material wastage is reduced as there is no excess capacity that is going underutilized. Smaller machines operate at better efficiency and lower operating costs which add savings to the client. Babyplast machines are ideal for parts in the centimeter to millimeter scale. This smaller machine operates more efficiently with a lower operating cost, less material waste and a faster cycle time. 

Reduced Tooling Cost

The Babyplast 10/12 has a unique design for the moving and stationary platens. They contain integral bolsters that provide rigid support for small mold tools. This in turn simplifies the construction of those tools reducing cost and time to make them compared to larger, more conventional tools. Micro molding tools made from P20 steel are about 40% less expensive than full-sized tools on average.

Digital Controls

The fully digital control system saves the set-up parameters of up to 1000 jobs, making changeovers very quick and foolproof. And as the injection cylinder is small and compact, it’s easy to clean out material from one job and prepare a different resin for the next job in less downtime. The system can also be connected to a network to support an integrated smart manufacturing production line for even greater efficiency.

Hot Runners

Single and four-drop hot runner systems are integrated into the machines. Hot runners allow more precise temperature controls for multi-cavity molds, improving part quality as well as reducing cycle times.


Babyplast is portable making it optimal for floor space usage. A single well-trained operator can manage several machines at one time when using automated ejection and inspection systems.  This again saves overhead costs.


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