Microsoft And Materialise Collaborate OnCloud-Based 3D Printing Services

Microsoft and Materialise have collaborated to integrate cloud-based 3D printing service of Materialise into 3D builder and other MS 3D printing apps. Under the partnership, Microsoft will enable its consumers to avail the cloud-based 3D printing services.

The collaboration is focused towards enabling the users to download as well as develop and design something new and unique by the utilizing the Windows 3D Printing Platform.In addition, the collaboration will provide the users an ease of direct link to the horde of top-notch materials and final products available through i.materialise, while improving their 3D printing experience, as informed by Adrian Lannin,Group Program Manager atMicrosoft (

In addition, the partnership will enable i.materialisecustomers of Microsoft’s 3D printing apps such as 3D builder to use Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite which runs on 3D printing services platform within the app. The i.materialise users will also be able to get real-time printing estimate. According to Materialise CTO, Bart Van der Schueren, the partnership is focused towards providing its customers with exclusive in-house 3D printing products. It is for the first time when Windows 3D printing app users will get Materialise’s online 3D printing option.

It is not for the first time when Microsoft has taken an interest in 3D printing. In the past, it has explored many ways by which it can use the technology to improve its products and services as well as enhance its customer’s experience. However, lately the tech company has explored the greater side of 3D printing. The company has unveiled an app that would allow Windows users to incorporate a 3D printer to a home or office network. It is believed that the app will support 3D printer networking on a wider level and will provide lucrative to the customers.


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