Mixing Nostalgia with modernity: 3d-Printed Phone Case with a Rotary Dial

3d printed phone case with a rotary-dial

The miracles that can be done with the help of 3D printing is spreading like wild fire. Everyone seems to try their hand on it and come up with something that is innovative as well as appealing.

Designer Joa Baldwin has cleverly designed an iPhone case cover which has a rotary dial. This dial can actually be used for dialing numbers. This dial has a coil spring which brings back the dial in its original position each time a number is being dialed. The 3D printing of this rotary dial is very intricate so before buying the cover it’s absolutely necessary to read the instructions carefully. The case is fully assembled but there are a few things that are to be kept in mind while using this cover.

·         The wheel has to be pre-rotated by lifting the stopping tab and keep rotating until a bump in the wheel passes under the tab.

·         The screen is to be cleared from all the dust so that the dial functions smoothly. After all the dust is removed then the wheel moves without any obstruction.

The concept is pretty neat as it will refresh some childhood memories of the old landline phones which have gone to the age of dinosaurs. Surprisingly the retro phones have come back into the market with a bang and the 3D printing of these cases is indeed a perfect way to pay a tribute to the old phones. This is also a perfect amalgamation of the old and the new technologies.

Image Source: Shapeways.com

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