MakerBot’s massive 3d printer – Replicator Z18 Review

The Brooklyn based company MakerBot has at last launched its much anticipated 3D printer the Replicator Z18. The machine is the largest ever 3D printer that MakerBot has ever created. MakerBot which is a global leader in 3D printers had announced the release of the Z18 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) had gained a lot of attention from the media and the industry rivals after this declaration.

The machine was in talks lately because of the massive build volume and the best price performance combination in the professional 3D printing category. The unique name of the replicator is derived from the large Z axis because of which the 3D printed objects have a height of 18 inches. This is a gigantesque scale for a 3D printer. Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot said “We believe that the MakerBot Replicator Z18 is going to disrupt the industry in that it enables 3D printing of large-scale and complex prototypes and models that were previously out of range for the creative community, many of whom include super-users of 3D printing, the engineers, architects and educators. We are really excited to see what our customers will 3D print with it.”

The machine is ideal for printing industrial models, engine proto-types, movie special effect props and also the gen-next spacecraft. MakerBot is also gifting its customers with a few accessories to go with the printer such as a cart that puts the machine at a height that enables easy movement and also a case that hold XL or XXL spools of PLA filaments so that there is no material shortage while doing a big project.

The price of this awesome machine is $6,499 (USD) and is all set for shipping for customers who have preordered the machine and for those who place the order today will receive the machine within six to eight weeks.

Basic Specifications

Print Technology : Fused Deposition Modeling

Build Volume : 30.5 L x 30.5 W x 45.7 H cm or 2,592 cubic inches

Layer Resolution : 100 microns [0.0039 in]

Filament Diameter : 1.75 mm [0.069 in]

Filament Compatibility : MakerBot PLA Filament Large Spool 0.9 KG [2.0 lb]

Nozzle Diameter : 0.4 mm [0.015 in]

Print File Type : .makerbot

Ambient Operating Temperature : 15-24°C [60-75.2°F]

Storage Temperature : 0-38°C [32-100°F]

Stepper Motors : 1.8° Step Angle with 1/16 Micro-Stepping

XY Positioning Precision : 11 Microns [0.0004 in]

Z Positioning Precision : 2.5 Microns [0.0001 in]

Product Dimensions : 49.3 W x 56.5 D x 85.4 H cm
Product Weight : 41 kg [90 lbs]

Supported File Types : STL, OBJ, Thing, MakerBot

Operating Systems : Windows (7+), Mac OS X (10.7+), Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora)

Power Requirements : 100-240 V; 5.4-2.2 A; 50/60 Hz; 350 W

Other Features

Easier Access – You can control the device from anywhere using makerbot mobile app. You can even send print file via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Stick or USB to printer cable.

Better Print –Enclosed and heated build chamber minimizes curling, and a super flat build plate ensures reliability and adhesion

Good Software – Free to download; helps to store, organize, and access 3D design files in your personal cloud-enabled library

Smart Extruder: Easy to swap with a smart capability to filament absence and automatically pauses your print

Onboard Camera – accessible through MakerBot Desktop and MakerBot Mobile apps and helps to monitor printing as well as to take reference pictures, which are saved to cloud library. Camera Resolution: 320X240

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