Monster Crayons developed from 3D printed molds to provide profits to Australian kids charity

Monster Crayons are a product range of charitable crayons launched by Christian McKechnie and Ben Lees. They will hit the stores in February 2017 and aim to support the Australian Charity Act for kids. They are designed using 3D printed molds keeping child abuse in mind. Children suffering from trauma often draw monsters to express the pain within them. This idea stuck with the executive who launched the monster shaped crayons.

This is a kind of art therapy as children will see the crayons aka monsters disappearing in front of them. The duo made the prototypes in the 3D printed molds. They melted existing crayons in saucepans and then poured them into the molds. The crowdfunding started in February with the goal of $20000. The sum, however, has surpassed the value of $30000. Around 200 packs are ready for sale, with four different monsters in every pack. All the sale profits will go to Act For Kids, the Australian organization engaged in dealing with neglected and suffering children and their families.

The sales start early next year and all hope and pray for the success of the Monster Crayons. Its success with determine is self-sustainability for the charitable trust. If this charity idea works, it could serve as a precedent for other charitable organizations. These organizations look for means of sustenance with aid from these kinds of business models. This way they will not need to be dependent on donations.

McKechnie and Lees stated on their crowdfunding page that if their business succeeds, it could become an ideal business model for charities as all the profits will be going to the children. 3D printing could well be very useful for this cause as instead of just the molds, the entire crayons could be manufactured using 3D printing, leading to reduced costs and higher speed of production.

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