Sonuus launches its 3D printed looping microphone -Loopa

Loopa is a 3D printed looping microphone, launched by a Cambridge, U.K based music company Sonuus. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter campaign failed to get any success. The Loopa microphone, which is 3D printed, has now been officially launched with minor changes.

Musicians use loops to get layers into their music. This microphone will be particularly useful for singers, beatboxers, and solo artists. Apart from the looping feature, the mic is ergonomically constructed and lights up when recording is done.

3D printing was use to design the structure of the mic and perform tests at different levels. The mic has a slight protruding center, which would enhance the grip in the user’s hand, and allow him to easily navigate the control buttons.

The light-up ring is located at the base of the transducer and is designed using 3D printing. It is visible from all angles and the idea of the light is to remain lit while singers are playing back a loop. The light ring was 3D printed by a clear resin using an SLA 3D printer. The SLA resin was first sanded and then tested on various textures at different points on the light ring. The ‘correct textures’, which scattered optimal light from the LEDs, around the circumference of the ring, were then transferred to the final tooling and design. The results have been commendable.

The users can determine the settings of the mic with the help of the light-up ring. The mic can be used for overdubbing, bypassing, undo/redoing, and more. All these features, without the hassle of cables and wires that come with pedal equipment. The mic is currently priced at $119 and is available for purchase through the Sweetwater in the US and the Sonuus in the UK.


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