ShopArm- The handy robot created by Slant Concepts

The Little Arm Robot created by Slant Concepts, is a 3D printed robot that connects robotics to STEM education. A highly successful Kickstarter campaign raised a whopping 230% of the amount they were slated to raise initially.

The ShopArm is the next project by Slant Concepts and has launched its Kickstarter campaign. It weighs 0.6 lbs and has a rotation range of 360 degrees. This again is a trained arm which can perform odd jobs around the house. From preparing a piece of toast to feeding the fish, it can perform all the boring chores!

Slant Concepts has been dealing in robotics and they delivered a huge robot earlier this year. They realized that they could make the robot 10 times cheaper and 10 times comfortable to use. The three requisites for this purpose had to be- the cost would be less than $1000, could be used by everyone, and could be devised in any location with simple tools. It was on working with these three objects that the ShopArm was innovated.

The list of things ShopArm can perform is decorating a cake, preparing the mail, getting drinks ready, handy arm to assist while working, tools retrieval, and much more. Since every plastic component of ShopArm is 3D printed, it is light yet durable. The software can be speedily installed on Windows or Linux. The Robot can be started by plugging a USB cable and controlling it using an Arduino Mega.

The ShopArm can also write customized notes and it has one 3D printed primary gripper. Others options that are compatible with the ShopArm are the Pen clamp, Suction cup, Liquid dispenser, PCB Board Holder. These new effectors can be attached with the help of just two screws. Users need to just show ShopArm what it wants the robot to do. The ShopArm perform the task by going on and on as it is fed with the repetition commands.


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