Naked Prosthetics makes use of 3D printing technology to restore lost fingers

Naked Prosthetics 3D prints MCPDriver to restore lost fingers

Naked Prosthetics, started by disabled Vet Colin Macduff along with his wife becky, aims at providing maximum mobility to those with finger amputations to restore their normal lifestyle. With all his experience, Colin Macduff fabricated Bio-Mechanical Prosthetic Finger (BPF) as a solution to his own finger injury and was motivated to help others facing finger amputation with his new revolutionary creation.

In its efforts to provide greater dexterity and grip strength, Naked Prosthetics released their latest prosthetic device, MCPDriver, designed for finger amputation near the knuckle area. The device is built out of the 3D printed stainless steel and Nylon polymer components providing firm grip to grasp the objects. The silicone hand strap through which the prosthetic finger attaches to the hand allows normal tactile sensation on the palm which can be removed easily and washed.

At Naked Prosthetics, engineers design and manufacture, individually customized device to meet the specific needs of the patient while the prosthetics, Surgeons and hand therapists consider various factors such as scar tissue, movement limitations and other abnormalities and assist in sizing and fitting of the device. The patient needs to submit measurements and scanned images of the hand to make accurate analysis for the sizing. The result is a fully functional body-powered prosthetic device, allowing the patient to quickly return to everyday lifestyle with great ease and comfort.

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