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Adobe Photoshop CC

This year at The Adobe MAX 2014: The Creativity Conference which was hosted in Los Angeles, Adobe which has recently entered the 3D printing market announced the release of their new 3D friendly Photoshop CC 2014.2. The conference is scheduled to run for three days from October 4th to 8th, 2014. This conference is focused on offering pre-conference labs as well as creativity workshops. This conference brings in a lot of people from varied fields such as creative leaders, designers, video pros, techies, photographers and other people pertaining to a wide spectrum of interest areas.

In this conference Adobe announced that it would be providing enhanced 3D support for the Photoshop CC, this support will be in terms of aiding the people with the ability to read CALLADA rigging and animation data. This was an effort on the part of Adobe to promote creativity and also to increase the various ways to maximize productivity. With this product Adobe has certainly redefined the 3D printing experience using Photoshop.

In this conference the company also announced the release 35 new features in Photoshop CC but on the 3D printing front these are a few points that can be looked forward to:

  • COLLADA Rigging Support: Users can import animation and rigging data from COLLADA files, and continue to paint, finish or refine 3D objects. You can also leverage the existing animation data and Photoshop Timeline to create promotional videos.
  • Support for 3D PDF Files: Now you can export 3D models to PDF to be reviewed and manipulated in Adobe Acrobat. Colleagues can view, comment and review 3D models without requiring access to Photoshop or PSD files.
  • New Printer Profiles: New features include built-in options for 3D printers and printing services, such as iMaterialise, new MakerBotprinters and Ultimaker.

Of all the points stated above the most interesting one is that of upgrading Photoshop CC to such a stage where it can read COLLADA files. This would make the software more user friendly and importing of files would become much easier.  This is being done by Adobe in collaboration with Mixamo which is an online company that makes affordable and unique 3D characters. After this tie up Mixamo is enabling users to download their files via COLLADA files which can then be easily imported to the Photoshop CC software.

The CEO of Mixamo Stefano Corazza reportedly said “We’re very excited that Adobe will offer this new functionality in Photoshop. Photoshop is among the easiest tools in the world to combine 2D and 3D art.”

The senior vice president, Digital Media, Adobe David Wadhwani said,“The pace of innovation continues to accelerate with Creative Cloud and today we are introducing a new family of mobile apps that are deeply integrated with flagship CC desktop tools, like Photoshop and Illustrator, and taking mobile devices into the creative mainstream. Also, new capabilities, such as Creative Talent Search, show that Creative Cloud is evolving into an increasingly powerful resource for our millions of members.”

These functions are available for the public from this week onwards.


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