Perfactory Micro Advantage 3D Printer

EnvisionTec 3D Printer

There are many companies that have brought 3D printers into the 3D printing market. One such company is EnvisionTEC, which is a leading global provider of 3D printing solutions for the rapid manufacturing section. The company has provided solutions to large scale enterprises and companies. The company provides to its customers the ability to manufacture duplicate and true to life CAD rendering. The quality that the company offers has enabled it to form a strong customer base and also has successfully created partners that engross many industries like jewelry, automotive, dental, medical, sporting goods, aerospace and consumer packaged goods.

Off late the company has introduced a new 3D printer named Perfactory Micro Advantage 3D printer. The company launched the new product in two places, the Atlanta Jewelry Show in Atlanta and the MJSA Show in New York.

The printer is targeted especially for jewelry designers and retailers. The printer has a large built volume. The resolution of the printer can be adjusted on the XY axis. The size makes the printer a great companion for the original jewelry printer named Micro Hi- Res. This large build volume is helpful for printing large pieces such as bangles and belt buckles. The printing speed is also quite satisfactory with 10mm/ hr. The printer is automatic and can calibrate on itself.

Here are the full specifications of this new printer:

  • Footprint: 11” x 10” x 24”
  • Weight of Printer: 24 lbs
  • Build Envelope: 2.36” x 1.77” x 3.94”
  • Resolution in X and Y: 0.002” (50 µm)
  • Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z*: 0.001” to 0.004” (25 µm to 100 µm)
  • Up to 0.394” (10 mm)/hour for full envelope*
  • Data Handling – STL
  • Light Source – LED
  • Electrical Requirements: 100-120V, 3 Amps / 220-240V, 2 Amps
  • Warranty – 1 year back to factory including parts and labor

Envisiontech is also making several different materials available which the Perfactory Micro Advantage can print with, which includes:

  • HTM140 M: HTV Molding with minimal post finishing
  • D3 White M: High impact general purpose material
  • PIC 100 M: Direct casting
  • EC500 M: Direct casting
  • EPIC M: Direct Casting

The company has also announced a new casting material known as the EPIC. With the help of this new material the company plans to deliver products that have a unique blend of price, performance and reliability. The material was founded by the company after several years of research and development. This material is used in two of their printers the Prefactory Mini and Perfactory Mini XL 3D printer. The company has decided that the price of the printer is to be fixed at $1000. All those who find this printer to be the one that they are looking for then the printer can be ordered right away!


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