‘Olli’ Local Motors’ Alliance with IBM Watson to Create the First Autonomous Passenger Car


Olli the Local motors’ new 3D printed transport vehicle was unveiled at the Local Motor premises. During the inauguration, ‘Olli’ was used to transport Edgar Sarmiento, its designer, and Local Motors CEO and co-founder John B Rogers Jr. in the company premises. This vehicle will be used as a public vehicle in Washington DC and be later used in Miami- Dade County and Las Vegas.

This vehicle has a capacity of 12 passengers and is developed in association with IBM Watson. It uses the technology called Internet of things for Automotive, which is a cloud-based computing system that analyzes data based on sensors fit in the transport body. There are more than 30 sensors embedded in this vehicle and can be adjusted according to passenger needs and requirements as per the Local Motors’ open vehicle development process.

Phoenix Wings Autonomous driving technology is used in the bus and has an interactive feature wherein the passengers can interact with the vehicle. Olli is well equipped to ask these queries and also suggest restaurants and other tourist attractions to the passengers.

This has been possible due to the cognitive computing technology which connects various data of the automobile to the Internet of Things. This was stated by Harriot green, General Manager IBM Watson, IoT, who also said that this self-driving car who give a personal and customized experience to the passengers.

Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Gimenez is extremely interested in operating this vehicle on the roads of his County to provide a better travel experience for the passengers.

Local Motors’ new National harbor Facility will be the foundation ground for co-creating new vehicle concepts and new 3D printed cars and will have a large 3D printer and will provide an interactive experience to the visitors on 3D printing and its impact on the city’s transport system.

Source: 3ders.org

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