‘Onyx’- 3D Printed Micro-Carbon Reinforced Nylon Material for Industrial Parts, Released by Markforged

Markforged was the company that invented the world’s first 3D printer and the Mark One is the brand that has released ‘Onyx’ a micro- carbon reinforced nylon which would offer strength and resistance to industrial parts without having the need of post processing.
The carbon 3D printers have already established their niche as manufacturing industrial parts that are durable, resistant, light weight, and can withstand varied temperatures. The Mark one was released in 2014 and the company went a step ahead after the success of the first 3D carbon printer to manufacture the Mark 2 3D printer, which is 40 % faster than the earlier version.
Markforged is also engaged in manufacturing its own 3D printed parts like Carbon fiber, HSHT Fiberglass, Fiberglass, and Kevlar. The latest addition to this line is Onyx, which is supplied to Mark Two Enterprise Kit for $190 per 800 per cm3 spool.
Markforged’s Chief Scientist Tony Gozdz spoke about the product saying that it was 3 times stiffer than the usual nylons, and could withstand a heat deflection temperature of 145 C, is compatible with the existing product parts, and is ideal for the automation sector, machinery, and vehicles.
Dixon Valve Company, Media Blackout, and Autodesk are a few of the companies that are trying this new 3D printed material from Markforged. Carl Bass, the chief executive of Autodesk, who was the first to receive Onyx, said that they could finally get the kind of engineering materials that would make great finished products, and this could be a turning point for market competition. In an upcoming BattleBot competition, 2 teams, Team Sawblaze, and Team Overhaul will take on each other to make two huge combat robots. These robots will be constructed using Onyx, the latest 3D printed material from Markforged.

Source: 3ders.com

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