Pango App Changes 2D to 3D and Augmented Reality

Pando App

3D printing might be the next in- thing in the technology industry but the technology is no child’s play. Anyone who has made 3D models right from the scratch will know how much pain it takes just to design a simple model. Without being an IT literate it is not possible to build a 3D model from scratch. It is compulsory to have CAD knowledge in order to successfully print a 3D model which most people lack. Everyone cannot be an engineer!

There is one company that has put serious thought into this problem and has come up with a new app which has the potential of solving the problem at hand. The name of the company is Tangible Solutions. Last week the company launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its new app “Pango”.

The app is an augmented reality enabled service that has the potential of transforming a 2D sketch by pencil into a 3D model and all this happening within a smartphone’s augmented reality world and then an actual 3D print can be taken.

The steps that are to be followed to take a 3D print are quite simple:

  • Draw the initial sketch on paper
  • Finalize the sketch
  • Write about the design
  • Download the application on your phone
  • Submit some photos of the sketch
  • Review the 3D model
  • Approve the printing
  • The final step- checking the mail box!

The user needs to draw the image that is needed to be printed on a special notebook which is known as the ‘Inventor’s Notebook’. This notebook is provided by the company. A small description of the design is also to be mentioned if the user wanted to let the staff know of some detailing of the model or any other issue. Once the user is satisfied with the end result of the 2D sketch, all he has to do is upload the image with the help of the free Pango smartphone application.

The company then transforms the 2D sketch into a 3D model; just for being on the safe side the company sends a mail along with the picture of the 3D model in augmented reality. The company sends a notification on the user’s Smartphone when the model is ready. Once the user clicks on the initial sketch option the user can see the 3D model in augmented reality. Once the user is satisfied with the augmented reality generated by the company, a 3D model is printed in any color of the customer’s choice. The final output is delivered to the door step of the user.

This app is something which is very new and something like this has not been seen in the 3D printing industry. The app is perfect for small businesses and manufacturers who need to get things prototyped but do not have any idea of CAD.

In its Kickstarter campaign the company is hoping to raise an amount of $100, 000 by 24th November so that this app can be developed. If things go as planned the company is thinking of launching the project in January 2015. The price of printing these models is yet to be disclosed by the company although for the campaign the company has fixed the price at $149 for the backers.


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