World’s largest 3D printer store in Denmark

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World’s largest 3D printer store was inaugurated in Copenhagen, Denmark by Mrs. Sofie Carsten Nielsen, Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science.  The store is a 3000 square feet premises and stocks all the leading 3D printers and 3D scanners from around the globe. The store offers one-of-a-kind access to the technology via courses, workshops and support. The store will be the one-stop shop for all 3D printing needs in Copenhagen. (Click here to see our previous article on iMakr, which was considered world’s largest 3D printer store till date.)

Jim Larsen, director at 3D Printhuset states “With this store we really hope to put Denmark on the map for 3D Printing. Denmark has been lacking behind in this important growth industry, but by making the technology readily available price wise, we hope to change that. Also it has never been for consumers and mid-size companies to get their hands  on the technology. There is a lot of know-how and support required to effectively operate a 3D printer. With the opening of the store, we want to provide the required know-how and support to effectively operate a 3D printer”.

3D Printhuset

Mrs. Sofie Carsten is awarded two mini-me as souvenirs at the inauguration event to stress the point that 3D printing technology can produce unique objects in small series down to a single object. Jim Larsen added “As minister is very busy we thought the family of the minister would appreciate being able to sort of see her even when she is gone. So we went ahead and printed a further copy of the figurine to be placed in the house of the minister”

The inauguration event generated large interest from the press and the local audience, with more than 100 selected guests attending the opening. Guests lined up outside the store prior to the official opening at 4 pm and were treated with champagne and opening speeches by The Minister, a Futurologist from the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and Jim Larsen, director at 3D Printhuset.

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Following the official speeches, the guests were invited to tour the 3.000 square feet premises. Among the many printers displayed was the highly successful Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer from XYZ Printing, the new sleek Cube 3 from 3D systems, besides from well-known brands from Ultimaker and Makerbot. Showcased scanners included the Sense scanner from 3D Systems, scanners from Artec as well as a new scanner from Matter & Form. Guests could have their scans made on the spot and also try the popular 3Doodler.

The “mini-me” figurines of the Minister had been made with the help of an Artec scanner and a gypsum full color printer from 3D Systems. 3D Printhuset has “Mini-me’s” as part of their offering, as well as a service named “From children drawing to sculpture” where 2D children drawings are turned into 3D Printed full color sculptures in gypsum, so that the creative talents of the child can be preserved forever.

About 3D Printhuset A/S: 3D Printhuset A/S is as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Danish holding company The 3D Group A/S, established by a group of Danish senior serial entrepreneurs, investors and executives. The 3D Group A/S intends to make further investments into the 3D printing area, including setting up distribution in the Nordic countries.

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