Pi-Top- First 3D Printed Laptop Computer

Out of all the 3D printed objects created till now, this one amazes us the most. It is an output of the collaborative efforts of five individuals from London which they proudly call as the Pi- Top!

The Pi-Top is a DIY kit fully loaded with materials that are needed to print this device. The kit has written instruction as to how to create the computer from the scratch. The entire process of assembling the parts is a great learning process for everyone especially for students. The team has printed the first proto- type Pi- Top Laptop with the help of a Rostock Max V2 Kit with an E3D metal hotend. The specifications of the final output are mentioned below:

  • Printer used:Rostock Max V2 kit – with E3D full metal hotend
  • Filament:PLA 1.75mm nozzle: 205 Bed temp: 55 Speed: 70mm/sec
  • Print time:3 prints total (two pieces together and the two larger pieces seprately) roughly 160 hours of printing
  • Support settings:KISSlicer with medium support, at 45 Degrees with a horizontal gap (from object) of 1mm.
  • De-string Settings:Prime 5.5mm Suck: 5.4mm Wipe:5mm Z-lift: 1mm
  • Operating System: Raspbian Operating System
  • 6 – 8 Hour Battery Life & Wifi enabled: Battery time 6+ hours.
  • 3″ HD Screen

One of the team members explained, “The biggest challenge we faced was getting the support structure correct. On a tall thin object like this you want the support structure to be rigid and large enough to stop the object from wobbling from the print head when it gets tall but brittle enough to be able to take off. This took about a week of practice to make that happen. We used floating bars next to the very thin parts – to control the support structure and make it larger, after seeing the wobble occurring in the first prints.”

The masterminds behind this project plan to launch a crowdfunding on Kickstarter so that enough money is generated to take their idea to the next level.

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