Proto-pasta adds new two metallic PLA filaments

Proto-pasta multi-color 3D printer

This week, Proto-pasta announced the launch of two filaments, Magnetic Iron PLA and Stainless Steel PLA. These filaments are an addition to the existing range of exotic 3D printer filaments from Proto Plant, makers of Proto-pasta.

Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel PLA is specifically engineered for printing on home 3D printers and it can be polished or brushed for an excellent metallic shine or for a cast metallic shine, it could be left unfinished. It can be best used for giving an industrial design for prototypes or making realistic imitations.

The materials are available for pre-order on the website of Proto-pasta and it will be released in early next year. Pronto-pasta has celebrated one-year anniversary of the successful campaign this week. This project has made earnings of about $36,000 in which they made $10,000 more than they expected.

The company is just growing in popularity as they develop and deliver high performing, high quality filament for home 3D printers. Currently, they are planning to unveil their next filament in January 2015 in Las Vegas.

An art contest is also being hosted by them to design their spool logo. The winner will receive the new material.

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