3D models help surgeons to rebuild jawbones in India

3D Printed Skull

Thanks to Osteo3D 3D printed surgical models, surgeries have become much easier for doctors to operate. These models provide an accurate shape of a patient’s body part and help doctors in successfully implanting and contouring. These also help patients not just cosmetically but also physically and psychologically.

Recently, a ‘Mr.P’ in India had to undergo a surgery to remove benign tumor from his jaw and the surgery required to remove a good margin to ensure that the cancer tumors are completely removed and that the tumors will not grow again. In such aggressive and complicated treatments, reconstruction is required and is considered as crucial for the psychological recovery of the patient. His employment future should also be considered as this operation and disfiguration would affect it largely.

However, this kind of surgery is not easy as the area of the jawbone that has been removed would typically be replaced with the fibula bone supporting from the lower limb besides the blood vessels. Though the operation has many minute details to be taken care, the biggest hurdle is the contouring of the jaw bone.

The surgeon’s work was eased with the use of 3D printed surgical model printed by Osteo3d. The model which had the accurate measurements of the former bone has made it easier for the surgeon and has removed the tedious task of refining the contour.

In another operation that involved a child, where cancer had to be removed from the jaw bone, the surgeon, Dr Satyajit Dandagi used 3D model for contouring and perfect fit of the jawbone of the child. The model was from Osteo3d. And the good news is that the patients who undergo this surgery or procedure are up and going within a few weeks.

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