Autodesk and 3D’ Join Hands to Create History in 3D Printing

Autodesk 3D Industries Partnerhsip

Autodesk teaming up with 3D is the latest news taking the 3D printer world by storm. Autodesk is considered the superstar in 3D design and printing and has been in this industry for last 10 years. Spark, their latest project, is an open 3D printing software platform and this partnership will enable turning the dream of a 3D search engine into a reality. And the due thanks goes to 3D’, which will have a major role in organizing and ordering 3D content on spark platform.

Seena Rejal, founder and CEO of 3D’ said that the collaboration between 3DI and Autodesk would be able to solve 3D content issues which include 3D printing space, management and attribution. She said that this effort would bring 3DI customers and Autodesk users together.

She said that the major goal for creating the new 3D searching and tracing technology is that the small manufacturers would be able to break the traditional part-sourcing medium and that they could be included in the large loop of supply.

The beauty of this platform is that the suppliers and buyers can use this new technology and immediately source what they are looking for. Another dimension will soon be added to the world-wide-web with the collaboration between the two giants of 3D printing world, Autodesk and 3D’. A new automated 3D shape-matching will soon be waiting for you!

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